About Us

Eleven Eleven Real Estate Services is a full-service real estate brokerage with a FOCUS on project management and sales of pre-construction condominiums and home communities where it has a PROVEN record of SUCCESS across a number of different projects. Eleven Eleven’s RESOURCES are its people, its data-mining, and its analyses.

The Eleven Eleven team has decades of combined real estate and marketing EXPERIENCE dedicated to the success of developer partners. Years of information sessions and events, project delivery, and studying market participants have led to the development of an UNPARALLELED database of thousands of co-operating agents crossreferenced by geographic interest, product types, and price points, that we use to target the agents most likely to SUCCEED in selling a specific product. All of this is pursued against the backdrop of continual analysis of market conditions, market trends, and market requirements. The Eleven Eleven management team is complimented by trained sales staff, whose KNOWLEDGE, professionalism and dedication to customer SATISFACTION makes them the ideal front- line representatives.

Eleven Eleven is ready to PARTNER, and to dedicate its expertise and experience to your success in the final GOAL of maximizing sales and revenue.